Sunday, May 23, 2010

Spring Flowers

I just wanted to share some of the beautiful flowers that I am enjoying in my yard. This is the most amazing ground cover ever! I absolutely love the little white flowers. The back of the petals are dark pink, which gives it a cool look. It is spreading well through one of my flower beds. I love it!
This is some other ground cover I have. They are tiny blue flowers. Pretty!
Here are some amazing iris. I love the colors! My neighbor has already asked for some starts when I divide the purple ones.
Here is the flower bed as a whole. It's pretty full, but also pretty! The flowers are much prettier up close.
My bushes have the most amazing yellow flowers all over them!
More beautiful iris:
Here is the flower bed as a whole. Not as pretty from far away. There are many more flowers getting ready to bloom. It will be nice having more colors than just yellow (though I love the yellow ones).

Best Friends

Newton and Bullwinkle have become best friends. It makes me so happy! Newton is getting so big. He's getting closer and closer to Bullwinkle's size. I just hope he doesn't get bigger than Bullwinkle! Newton and Bullwinkle play so well together.

The above picture is from March so Newton isn't too big yet. He loves to jump and lay on Bullwinkle. Gratefully Bullwinkle doesn't seem to mind.

Tug-o-war is a favorite at our house. Newton doesn't care who his opponent is. He is quick to get in on the game!Another fun game is wrestling. Even though Bullwinkle is still bigger, he isn't always the one on top. This is the only picture that I was able to get to show that Newton is getting close to Bullwinkle's size. It's hard getting two dogs to cooperate during pictures!Here are the handsome boys and on a nice Sunday afternoon. We played outside for a while today.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


This is my new little boy. His name is Newton. I got him on Tuesday, February 2nd. A friend of a friend was giving him away. I love free!
Just to give you an idea how big he is right now, the dish he is sitting by is a small dog dish. I tried weighing him on my scale, but he didn't even register. He was too light for the scale to know he was on there.
He plays well with Bully. They play tug-o-war and wrestle a bit. So far Bully has been so gentle with him. I hope that continues! Bully has been a bit jealous too, but I'm trying to pay attention to them at the same time.
Now I just need to get this little guy house broken. I'm being impatient right now. I want it to happen now! I can't remember how long it took Bully to become house broken. I guess it's good I forgot about that part. I wouldn't have this little guy now.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

In Loving Memory

I had to say goodbye to my sweet Rocky on Wednesday, December 2nd. It has been one of the hardest things I've had to do. He had been showing signs of his age more and more lately. He was having a hard time getting outside to do his business. He was pretty much blind and deaf. Last Saturday his back legs started going out on him. He had such a hard time getting around. When was able to stand up, he would walk in circles. When he would wear himself out he would lay down wherever he was, even in the middle of the kitchen floor. Here is a picture of him on his last day. He could have used a hair cut! :) Here is a picture of him plopped down on the kitchen floor. I kept trying to put him in his soft bed, but he would get up and move. I felt so bad that he was laying on the kitchen floor. It couldn't have been very comfortable.

The following picture is from a while ago. It is how I want to remember him. So soft and cuddly. He was such a good dog! I'm very grateful I had him in my life. I am at peace knowing he's not in pain anymore. I was really stressed out those last few days worrying about him. The process was really smooth and peaceful. My sweet friend went with me to the vet. Thank you! It went very quickly. Yes, I cried and continue to cry off and on. It was hard to come home from work the next day and not have him here to greet me. I miss him, but I know he's in a better place now.

Gratefully, a few years ago, I took some video of him playing ball. It puts a smile on my face to remember how much fun he had playing ball. That was what life was all about for him. Nothing would make him happier! I have enjoyed watching the videos the past couple of days. It is helping me remember all the great times we had. The following video was up at my dad's house. He has a nice big yard for playing ball.

I love you Rocky! I sure hope you're waiting for me in the next life (though I hope I don't follow too soon--he he).

My sweet neighbor boy drew me a picture and made me a card. I was very touched. Here they are:

Sunday, March 29, 2009


When someone comes to the door, I usually leave the dogs locked upstairs. A few times this week I had some people over and we were sitting down in the living room. Bullwinkle finds it so difficult to be separated from me. He stands on the chair and sets his head on the pony wall. I just had to get a picture (or two).

What I come home to

So, I came home the other day to this.
It's kind of hard to see what I'm referring to so, here's a closer picture:
Yep, Bully decided to plop down in the mud. His whole side was solid mud. I don't know what he was doing, but he sure was a mess.

Nice Visit

Last weekend Nate and April came over for a nice visit. Nate made his fabulous hamburgers and April made the best frozen yogurt. It was most grateful for their visit. Sweet little Calvin loved seeing Bullwinkle and Bullwinkle loved the opportunity to love Calvin. Here Bully was caught in the middle of trying to lick Calvin. See that tongue hanging out?! We did our best to keep Bully from succeeding.
Calvin kept reaching for Bully's face. He was loving it!
This was the best picture! Look at that happy face. He was so excited about Bully, he kept laughing. What a cutie!